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The game wasn't just a game, not for us =)
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 Dogs ^^

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Dogs ^^ Empty
PostSubject: Dogs ^^   Dogs ^^ Icon_minitimeFri Jan 30, 2009 3:39 am

Very Happy
I'm so in love with dogs. I love you
Wish I can have one but I live in a flat so (s)he wouldn't like to be inside the most of the time. =\

Umm, ok, now another one big post. tongue
Labrador, a kind of retriever.
Dogs ^^ Labrador-retriever

Golden retriever. I love you
Dogs ^^ Golden_retriever_4" border="0" alt="" loading="lazy" />

Beagle!! Dogs ^^ 417779
Dogs ^^ Beagle_pup_2 Omg... *can't find the proper emotion*

Dogs ^^ Campeona_beagle

Chiwawa. Dogs ^^ 175537
Dogs ^^ Chiwawa

Dogs ^^ Chiwawa

Dogs ^^ Kai1.chiwawa

Lol. Little sheep. Laughing
Samoyed (?). I'm not sure is it the eng. name. Suspect
Dogs ^^ Samoyed

Dogs ^^ Samoyed_8

Ok, enough. Laughing
I'll put some sorts later. Smile

Dogs ^^ Pinkra1

Lumec-sretan predzadnji dan s 13. =)))))))
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Dogs ^^ Empty
PostSubject: Re: Dogs ^^   Dogs ^^ Icon_minitimeFri Jan 30, 2009 9:12 am

omg they're all so cuuuute x3

especially the golden retriver cub ofc =D
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Dogs ^^ Empty
PostSubject: Re: Dogs ^^   Dogs ^^ Icon_minitimeFri Jan 30, 2009 9:26 am

first...labrador isn't a retriever...tho there is a breed called labrador-retriever
but labradors are labradors and retrievers are retrievers
then no. 2 it's not chiwawa but chihuahua...and yeh....they're kinda cute but they look like rats o.o
and no. 3 animals don't have sorts, they have breeds

oh yeh
here's a pic of cynodictis aka the dogs ancestor which lived 20 million years ago
Dogs ^^ Cynodictis

edit: more pics/breeds

Pharaoh Hound
Dogs ^^ Pharaohtaratollymerrick

Dogs ^^ Pharaohkahla

Dogs ^^ Pharaoh-Hound

Dogs ^^ 15025104

Dogs ^^ 31052008095839_01

Dogs ^^ Doberman_pinscher

Dogs ^^ Rottweiler3

Dogs ^^ Rottweiler-22089

Dogs ^^ Rottweiler1

Border Collie
Dogs ^^ Border-collie-small

Dogs ^^ Border_collie3

Dogs ^^ Dollyrainbowwave1" border="0" alt="" loading="lazy" />

Dogs ^^ Faye%27s_border_collies

some videos...